1.When the order is delivered?

The preparation time of the tents is 10  days.

Accessories preparation time is 3  days.

2.How can I track my order?

After your orders are shipped, the cargo tracking number will be sent to you as a message.

3.Is the canvas tent waterproof?

100% Cotton canvas provides natural waterproofing and breathability. Canvas tents are suitable for 3 seasons. To use the canvas tent for 4 seasons, you can get a protective cover from the accessories section.

4.Which accessories are in the tent package?

Tent,  guy rope,  tent tensioner plastic, tent clamping tire,  steel tent stakes.

5.Is there a showroom for viewing purposes?

Yes, You can visit the showroom every weekday between 11:00-16:00.

6.Is there a difference between Tentry and Solid tents?

The only difference between Tentry and Solid tents is the design. The materials used in the production are exactly the same.

7.Are there swatter nets in the tent windows?

There are swatter in all windows.

8.Ventilation and Windows

Tents with a diameter of 3 meters have 2 ventilation.

Tents with a diameter of 4 meters have 3 ventilation.

Tents with a diameter of 3 meters have 2 windows.

Tents with a diameter of 4 meters have 2 windows.

9.Can I get information about the sun and color change?

The fabric quality of the tent may decrease if it is exposed to intense sunlight and may discolor to a certain extent. Cotton, cotton / polyester tents are more resistant to UV rays. The following measures should be taken to prevent discoloration;

- Install the tent in a shade place

- Do not expose the tent to direct sunlight.

- Occasionally apply waterproofing material to the tent.

- In this way, you apply a new protective coating against the UV rays of the sun, thereby extending the life of your tent.

10.What should I do if there is mold and stain on the tent?

The following measures can be taken to prevent insufficient ventilation, mold and stains, especially in seasonal camp sites:

- Store your tent 100% dry.

- If mold develops, try cleaning it with clean and warm water using a soft brush or sponge.

- If the stains are permanent, use cleaning agents suitable for tents. Other chemicals can damage the tent fabric. After cleaning with a cleaning agent, you will need to make your tent waterproof again.